A testimonial we love.......

A testimonial we love.......

A testimonial we love, and share with you!

We have travelled the Kimberley -17500kms, Strezlecki Track, Flinders Ranges and Kangaroo Island.  Plus 


"Just letting you know how fantastic your Espace hard shell rooftop tents are in the Aussie environment.

We have travelled the Kimberley -17500kms, Strezlecki Track , Flinders Ranges and Kangaroo Island - 6500kms were the longer trips with many other trips in Qld and are just so impressed by your product. I have just seen on your website the Adventure bags in your accessories and had a laugh. Took me back to the Strezlecki track and Montecollina Bore.

After  leaving my boots attached in a plastic bag tied to one of the lower rungs on the ladder to wake in the morning to about 3 mm of ice on top of our esky and only one boot in the bag but lots of dingo tracks at the bottom of the ladder. Sorry Daniel Ricardo but this was the first shooie. One of the Adventure bags would have solved the problem. We were snug in our Espace even when temps were below freezing not to even wake to the dingo presence.

Our Espace is now 8 years old and needs some replacement stainless clips and a good polish but apart from that no other issues after all our use. It still amazes me it takes about a minute to undo the catches and pop it up and about 3 minutes to pull it down and lock it off, we had been down the road of 2 other soft rooftops that took about 20 minutes to erect and 45 to 50 minutes to pack up.

Your Espace certainly changed our camping enjoyment without the frustration of the soft rooftops. Thankyou again and keep up the great products you produce."

- Wayne J

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