Falcon Awning 270 Net Room

Falcon Awning 270 Net Room

A fantastic addition to your James Baroud rooftop tent

Falcon Awning 270 Net Room

The James Baroud Falcon 270 Awning Net Room provides a completely enclosed mosquito-proof area around the ladder entry section of your James Baroud roof top tent and attaches directly to the James Baroud Falcon 270 Awning.

Our James Baroud Falcon 270 Awning Net Room is made from the same patented canvas material as our tents; with 6 layered aluminium to reflect the solar rays.

The enclosure consists of panels that attach directly to the Falcon 270 Awning awning and includes large, screened windows and a door providing easy access and plenty of mosquito-proof ventilation.

Our awning enclosure creates a completely sheltered room, adding privacy and convenience to your camping experience.


Cost: $1350 (inc freight)

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Falcon Awning Net Room


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