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Gamma Pickleball Paddles

Gamma is one of the elite pickleball brands on the market today, used by pro pickleball players like Paul Olin. And we've compiled the top Gamma pickleball paddles for you here.

For a more in-depth review of the different Gamma models, see our breakdowns below. 

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Gamma Pickleball Paddles

Gamma Pickleball Paddles
    Gamma Compass Paddle
    Gamma Compass Paddle
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      Gamma Shard PaddleGamma Shard Paddle
      Gamma Shard Paddle
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        Gamma 405 PaddleGamma 405 Paddle
        Gamma 405 Paddle
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          Gamma Voltage 5.0 Paddle
          Gamma Voltage 5.0 Paddle
          Sale price$99.99
            Gamma Micron 5.0 Paddle
            Gamma Micron 5.0 Paddle
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            Gamma Obisidian 16 Paddle
            Gamma Obisidian 16 Paddle
            Sale price$159.99
              Gamma Atomic 5.0 Paddle
              Gamma Atomic 5.0 Paddle
              Sale price$84.95 Regular price$89.95
                Gamma 412 PaddleGamma 412 Paddle
                Gamma 412 Paddle
                Sale price$139.99
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                Gamma is one of the elite pickleball brands on the market today, used by pro pickleball players like Paul Olin. And we've compiled the top Gamma pickleball paddles for you here.

                For a more in-depth review of the different Gamma models, see our breakdowns below. 


                Gamma puts a lot of time and effort into the R&D Process and develops a lot of their own technologies.  This is why their paddles are truly some of the best in the world.

                The Gamma Hellbender Pickleball Paddle

                The Gamma Hellbender is a very well-rounded paddle.

                The unique teardrop frame significantly increases the sweet spot.

                It has a graphite face and lightly textured facing material.  This along with the thickness softens the paddle to give you better control.  Though it still has some decent power to it.

                The Hellbender has a shorter 4 ½ inch handle length.  If you tend to make a lot of two-handed shots then you’d likely have to overlap your hands with this paddle.  But if you typically only use one hand then this is a non-issue.

                What's it like playing with the Gamma Hellbender?

                The Hellbender gives you great control for your soft game.  

                Because it’s pretty lightweight you can move around quickly.  One thing to note, however, is that if you loosen your grip to hit a light shot, the paddle could feel a tad unstable. Just something to be prepared and adjust for.

                And you'll appreciate the Hellbender's large sweet spot.  Even if you don’t hit the ball dead center this racquet helps you keep the ball in play.

                It's also great for attacking. 

                The lower weight and textured face make it easy to generate spin.  Though because it's on the lighter side, it could be a little more challenging to really smash high volleys.  What a lot of players do to counter this is to add some lead tape to the handle.

                Just know, if you’ve got large hands, you might find two-handed shots a bit uncomfortable, because of the shorter handle.

                Who is the Gamma Hellbender for?

                 the Gamma Hellbender is for players who want consistency in their shots over almost anything else. On top of consistency, it's for players who want a well-rounded paddle that leans slightly towards control, as opposed to power.

                The Gamma Compass Pickleball Paddle

                The Gamma Compass is a long control paddle, designed to give you better reach without sacrificing touch.

                This is a very long paddle at 16 5/8 inches, which is even longer than your typical elongated paddle. So you'll have better reach with this paddle, but a slightly smaller sweet spot.

                It has a lightly textured Graphite facing material, which along with the thick 16mm core gives you more touch and control.

                Like the Hellbender the Compass has a short 4 ½ inch handle, making this paddle better suited for one-handed players.

                The Compass isn't as forgiving as the Hellbender, but still pretty forgiving for a performance-level paddle with an elongated face.

                Playing experience

                The Gamma Compass is great for your soft game, especially if you play aggressively around the kitchen.

                When it comes to attacking, you probably won’t be quite as fast because of the extended paddle size. And as far as generating power, just keep in mind that you’ll most likely be playing with one hand due to the shorter handle length.

                Who is the Gamma Compass for?

                The Gamma Compass is great for higher-level players who are looking for extra reach but without sacrificing forgiveness.  Like the Hellbender, the Compass leans towards the control thanks to its graphite face. But it's not going to be quite as consistent as the Hellbender because of the shape and therefore smaller sweet spot.

                It might not be the most ideal paddle for players who tend to make two-handed backshots often. You'd probably want a paddle with a longer handle like the Fusion 2.0, which has a 5-inch grip length.

                But the Compass is a great paddle for anyone looking for great feel and touch to help improve their soft game.


                The Gamma Typhoon Pickleball Paddle


                The Gamma Typhoon is Gamma's performance-level power paddle.

                It has the same unique teardrop shape as the Hellbender, which gives you a nice large sweet spot.

                But what makes it different from the Hellbender is that the Typhoon has fiberglass facing material, as opposed to the Hellbender's graphite material.  Fiberglass gives you a little extra power, in exchange for a little less control over your shots.

                The  Typhoon is also a little heavier than the Hellbender, which also lends to a tad more power.  The heavier weight also gives you a bit more stability, so if you loosen your grip to hit a light shot, the paddle won't feel unstable in your hand.

                What's it like to play with the Gamma Typhoon pickleball paddle?

                One thing you'll notice early on is the extra weight in this paddle.  And unlike a center-balanced paddle, the Typhoon's extra weight sits in the head.  This is going to give you a little more leverage behind your swing, and therefore more pop on the ball.

                Unlike most other fiberglass paddles which have a bounciness that can be challenging to control at times, the Typhoon has a solid, consistent feel. So compared to other power-focused paddles, the Typhoon makes it much easier to control your shots.

                You’ll probably have a slightly better soft game playing with the Hellbender, but the Typhoon is still surprisingly good.

                Who is the Gamma Typhoon for?

                The Gamma Typhoon is for players looking for roughly 20% more power in their shots.

                If you don't have confidence in your soft game yet, this might not be the most ideal paddle since it's designed to help you with power. The Hellbender might be a little more suited for you. Or if you're looking for a paddle with longer reach, then you'd probably opt for the Compass.

                But if you're looking for a power paddle, but that's not so bouncy you can't control your shots, the Typhoon is likely what you're looking for.


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