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Merrell Walking Shoes

In this article, let’s take a look at the different types of Merrell walking shoes and the differences between them.

We’ll explain how each model is designed and for what type of walk they're best suited. Next, we’ll help you choose the best shoe based on the type of walking you’ll be doing and your individual needs.

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Merrell Walking Shoes

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In this article, let’s take a look at the different types of Merrell walking shoes and the differences between them.

We’ll explain how each model is designed and for what type of walk they're best suited. Next, we’ll help you choose the best shoe based on the type of walking you’ll be doing and your individual needs.

Merrell Moab Adventure Lace – Casual Comfort Trail Walker

Merrell built this shoe to be an everyday casual model for trail walking.

There is an air cushion under the heel to help with stability and absorb shock. You’ll also appreciate the padded heel and tongue collars that help to give you all-day comfort. And, the cushioning feels plush and comfy.

Thanks to the grippy outsole with 5mm lugs, you can also trek through the trails for a little exploring. And, you’ll get great traction even in wet conditions.

With a leather upper and a beefy outsole, this shoe is a bit on the hefty side. If you’re looking for a lightweight walking shoe, Merrell has several other models to meet your needs.

What you’ll notice:

  • Sturdy build

This shoe has a leather upper for durability and support. To make it more breathable, they added a mesh upper around the ankle.

Merrell Gridway Moc – Comfortable and Stylish Minimalist Walking Shoe

Merrell built this shoe to be a casual and stylish walking shoe with a minimalist feel.

The company designed the Moc with no laces to make the on-off process simple. And the no-lace design gives them a stylish look.

And a lot of slip-on shoes can easily slide off your foot, but not this model. The Gridway Moc has a band around the upper that keeps the shoe on your foot.

You’ll appreciate the underfoot cushion and support that these shoes have. They even have a removable footbed which makes it great if you want to insert your own custom orthotics.

A laceless shoe isn’t necessarily for everyone. If you like the extra secure feeling that you get with laces, then you might like the non-Moc version of the Gridway.

And fun fact: both Gridway models are made of a 100% recycled knit upper. The outsole uses 30% recycled materials. Points for being eco-friendly.

What you'll notice

  • No hassle

You’ll appreciate how easy it is to slip this shoe on and off without having to fidget with shoelaces. The pull tab on the heel helps assist you with slipping the shoe on quickly.

The upper is a breathable knit that is stretchy and comfortable. And it’s super lightweight.

Merrell Choprock – Water-Friendly, Adventurist Walking Shoe

The Choprock was built for water trekking adventurers.

Merrell gave this shoe a mesh upper that is very breathable and allows quick water drainage. The mesh is reinforced with a webbing design that holds it together securely.

There are ports and channels in the midsole to let water drain out through the bottom of the shoe.

The company designed this shoe with a sturdy rubber toe guard. It helps with protection against rock and other sharp objects.

Since the Choprocks have an open mesh upper, they wouldn’t keep your feet warm during colder weather.

What you'll notice

  • Great grip

Merrell designed the outsole to be comfortable even for casual everyday walking. The grippy rubber and 5mm lugs make it great for ultimate traction on wet or slippery surfaces.

How do I choose the best Merrell walking shoe for me?

When deciding which walking shoe is the best for you, there are several factors to consider. Here are a few:

  • What type of walking will you be doing (moderate, speedy, adventure)
  • What type of surface will you be walking on
  • How long will you be on your feet

Leisure Walks & Errands

If you'll be tending to chores, running errands, or maybe taking a light walk, you'll want a shoe built for comfort.

The Gridway Moc might be a good choice. The knit stretchy upper is very comfortable. It’s also super light and breathable. And, since it’s laceless, it’s easy to get on and off.

If you prefer a shoe that you can adjust by tightening or loosening the strings, then you could try the Gridway. The same great shoe as the Moc model but with shoelaces.

For the ladies, during colder or inclement weather, you could try the Encore Kassie Tall Wool boot. This boot has great comfort and stability. It even has arch support.

The upper is made with leather and wool to protect you from the cold elements. And they lined the inside with fleece for extra warmth. All this while being stylish.

Fitness/Power Walking

If you’re going to be power walking for exercise, you’ll want a shoe that is comfortable and lightweight. It should also be flexible.

You might appreciate the Range Laceless AC+. The form-fitting knit upper stretches and adapts with your foot movements. This is great if your feet tend to swell.

This shoe has a very flexible outsole to give you the ultimate bend you want during fast walking.

You’ll also appreciate the heel-to-toe air cushion in the midsole for comfort.

The laceless design makes it easy to slip on and off while not having to worry about adjusting shoe strings.

On-your-feet-all-day-at-work Walking

If you are going to be standing on your feet all day or going for a longer walk, you’ll need a shoe with decent cushioning.

The Moab Adventure Lace might be a good choice. This shoe has a comfortable plush feel underfoot as well as a padded heel and tongue collar.

You’ll find this shoe has plenty of support and durability thanks to the sturdy leather upper.

The sticky outsole is great for traction even on wet surfaces. And the 5mm lugs offer decent grip if you want to take a walk through the woods or trails.

However, with all the tech packed into this shoe, it’s a bit on the heavier side. But with the comfort it offers, you aren’t likely to notice the weight.

Wet Adventurous Walking

For adventurous walks through rivers or streams, you’ll need a shoe that can handle the H2O.

The Choprock was designed for aquatic loving adventurers. The webbed mesh upper lets water in but also allows it to quickly drain out. The mesh also acts as a barrier for debris though it wouldn’t keep out small particles like sand.

This shoe is designed with a Megagrip outsole and it has decent lugs. This gives the Choprock excellent traction and grip on both wet and dry surfaces.

You'll also appreciate that the midsole is ventilated and compression-molded for comfort.

Or, if you’d like a cheaper model, you could try the Tideriser Sieve. This shoe is also built for water adventures.

Just know, the Tideriser might not be best for rough or rugged adventure walks. It doesn’t offer the inner mesh lining to filter debris or a rugged protective toe bumper like the Choprock. It also has an open heel area that wouldn’t protect you from a scrape against a rock or other sharp object.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the same pair of shoes for daily walking and exercise?

You can wear the same shoes for walking and exercise. However, it’s a good idea to rotate your shoes when possible.

Rotating your shoes will allow time for the midsole to reset to form. This will also help extend the durability of your shoes. Repeatedly wearing the same shoe every day can cause the midsole to flatten out quicker.

How often should I replace my Merrell walking shoes?

A good walking shoe should give you about 350-500 miles of comfort and durability.

Here are a few key factors to help you decide when it’s time for a new pair:

  • Inspect the outsole regularly. Take notice if the tread or lugs are becoming visibly worn down
  • Pay attention to your shoes grip to notice if they are no longer getting the traction that they use to
  • Has the upper become loose and no longer holding your foot in place as securely as it once had?
  • Always listen to your body. Take notice if you start to feel aches or pains in your legs, back, or feet. This could be an indicator that the tech of the shoe is no longer efficient.

I need help deciding: Which would be the best walking shoe to start with?

Merrell Range Laceless AC+ – This might be a good choice for a great starter walking shoe. It is very lightweight which helps reduce fatigue.

The Range has a comfortable and stretchy upper. This is also a nice benefit if your feet tend to swell.

And, The midsole has decent cushioning for lasting comfort throughout the day.

Merrell Moab Adventure Lace – This might be a good choice if you need a shoe with more stability. Or, if you're wanting to go for a walk that might take you onto a rocky or uneven trail.

Just know that since this shoe is designed with a rugged build, it does weigh a tad more.

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