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Platform Tennis

Elevate your game! Platform tennis is a unique hybrid sport that includes elements of regular tennis, paddle tennis, and squash. Played on a smaller court than tennis and featuring slower gameplay than squash, platform tennis is a fun sport that doesn’t demand maximum exertion from participants. Although it is less strenuous than other racquet sports, it’s still a great way to stay in shape because it combines cardio with an effective upper- and lower-body workout.

Nearly anyone can enjoy platform tennis because it can be played at an intensity that suits the individual players. If you’ve wanted to try tennis but find the pace or physical demands a bit intimidating, platform tennis is a great option! Playing on an enclosed court makes it ideal for inexperienced players because the sides of the court keep the ball in play longer. And the smaller court means you’ll have less distance to run when going after the ball. Platform tennis is a great way to bring people of all ages and skill levels together on one court!

Platform tennis originated in the late 1920s when two gentlemen in New York sought a game they could play year-round. Platform tennis takes the court layout and net from tennis; the smaller, enclosed court with playable sides from squash; and the equipment from paddle tennis and combines them into one exciting sport. Players love platform tennis for a variety of reasons, but chief among them is that the game can be played all year long in colder climates thanks to the elevated—often heated—platform that makes snow and ice removal a breeze.

Unlike most other racquet sports, platform tennis is actually played with paddles instead of stringed racquets. When looking for a platform tennis paddle, you’ll notice that they are made of composite material with holes drilled through the head; this aids in aerodynamics and keeps the paddle weight low. Another difference you’ll see is that platform tennis balls are spongy and covered with a layer of flocking instead of felt. Be sure to use platform tennis equipment that is specified for the sport in order to get the most out of gameplay. You should also strongly consider a pair of tennis shoes for traction and support on the court.

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