Portable Stainless Steel BBQ

Portable Stainless Steel BBQ

A fantastic addition to your James Baroud rooftop tent

James Baroud Stainless Steel Portable BBQ


The NEW James Baroud 2mm stainless steel barbeque is an easy set-up, allowing you to start cooking as soon as you set up camp.  It is neat and tidy, catching the coals and making sure you are looking after the environment plus getting an amazing BBQ experience every night.

The BBQ is lightweight at only 8kg and fits in a 57cm x 33cm x 3cm pouch. 

Taking up very little space means that it can be stored anywhere, behind a seat, underneath any box or simply slide it in the boot of your car.

It consists of six laser-cut 2mm thick stainless steel plates.

The left side of the BBQ is for grilling and the right side to cook on the hotplate.

It has numerous ventilations, on the sides and underside, which allows higher air circulation to light the fire quickly and provides nice consistent airflow.





  • Laser cut stainless steel
  • Grill plus hot plate
  • Numerous ventilation spaces along sides and underside of the BBQ, allowing for constant airflow
  • Only 8kg so easily manoeuverable 


BBQ: 100% stainless steel
Cover: Polyester canvas bag


Weight: 8kg
Fill Type: 3D Spacer Fibre Material
Thickness: 2mm
Dimensions: 57cm x 33cm x 20 cm

Cost: $485.00 (inc freight)

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Stainless Steel BBQ



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